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P30 15,000K $499,-
Saturn Ring $119,-

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The Coolest LED on the Planet.
The Blue Moon Aquatics P30 Pendant is the first in a series of Pendants that can grow and maintain all types of LPS and SPS corals. Excellent PAR values provide the nutritional illumination necessary to grow and maintain your coral collection to a depth of 22 inches for years to come. Completely heat synced the BMA P30 Series offers one of the most efficient and affordable lighting systems, eliminating the need for expensive chillers.

The P30 pendant is available in 3 versions 10K, 15K or a 460nm for the choice of your center luminaire + the optional upgrade Saturn ring for adding 6-3 watt 460nm to increase
the blue spectrum or use as a moon light. 
+ Optional Saturn Ring lense kits that provide a variety of lighting directions!
The P30 benefits from a 60 degree lens which will evenly spread light covering a 22 inch diameter making the P30 an excellent choice for Nano aquariums or use multiple units for larger aquariums.

The P30 Series comes standard with a 2-switch driver to offer on/off control of both the center LED and the optional Saturn ring. Mounting is easily accomplished in one of two ways either by hanging or by mounting on the aquarium frame with optional P30 mounting hardware.  Either choice offers a professional luminare that will provide 50,000 hours of aquarium lighting.

The Blue Moon Aquatics P30 Series is one of the first nutritional luminaire that features the full demands of endosymbiotic algae to perform photosythesis at an optimum level. The light which is needed for photosynthesis is called PAR light – photosynthetic active radiation.

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5 year warranty
  At Blue Moon Aquatics, we now cover our most popular P30 series with a five-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

“Many companies offer just a one or two-year warranty,” explained Managing Director Harvey Fell. “We are so confident in the quality of our products that we have decided to give away a valuable extra guarantee, at no additional cost to the customer.”

With the added reassurance of the new 5-year warranty, Blue Moon Aquatics now offers unbeatable value for money.
    P30 lense range   Our slogan "nutritional illumination" describes our guiding principle:
optimum solutions for marine aquarium lighting - when creating and directing light, for an efficient coral growth.
This approach results in the P30 Saturn Ring lense range in order to satisfy the different coral light requirements, while at the same time opening up the whole fascination and magic of that "immaterial material" known as light.
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