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    header P3 460nm $49,95
  • accent light for marine reef aquariums
  • only 3 watts eliminating heat issues
  • 50,000 hour illumination life
  • intense natural shimmering effect
  • installs in minutes with endless versatility
  • safe for the environment - 
    no mercury

The new Power Moonlight P3 accent
- A star in aquascape lighting -

Paves the way for new reef lighting designs.
Most reef tanks are illuminated by a single lightsource spreading a more or less powerful, often inconsolate light evenly through the aquarium. Under the tendency “ that more is better” lighting of top water levels are often oversaturated while corals at the bottom water levels still suffer from insufficient available photo synthetically active radiation (PAR). A monotonic lightsource can never keep up with the various lighting requirements of corals in a tank.


Fortunately monolithic live rock structures piled up against the aquarium wall have been mostly erased in aquascaping by esthetical arrangements that create a better overall environment for the livestock Although reef landscaping has improved the fact that lighting should play a particularly significant role in the reef aquascaping has been treated as an orphan. Ideally corals with high lighting requirements are structured at the top levels and corals with moderate to low light requirements are placed from the mid- to the bottom levels. Thus being true many corals are still misplaced and suffer from insufficient lighting. A prime example are tridacna clams that are often placed at the bottom of the tank while requiring PAR values of
700 µMol and above that are mostly not achieved leaving the clams photosynthetic process to suffer.

Now the BMA P3 accent paves the way for new reef lighting designs reflecting more of the coral requirements and supporting their photosynthetic active process.
Equipped with an exchangeable 45° or 60° degree focus lens the lights radiation can be easily directed at corals with higher lighting requirements. Featuring a special Royal Blue light with a main wavelength of 445-460nm the BMA P3 accent provides a vast nutritional illumination for the endosymbiotic algae. By adding 2 or 3 BMA
P 3 accent lights to a tank setup
(the number of BMA P 3 accent depends on the coral species and their light requirements kept in a tank) it improves the esthetical impression creating a vivid reef environment. 

Small, compact and universally usable, thanks to the output power of the 3 Watt LED the BMA P3 accent light even provides lots of creative features to set up Blue Moon light effects. Just to mention a few - you can now tilt the P3’s head into any direction to set unlimited angles for your Blue Moon lighting source or add a blue spot light to highlight the fluorescents of your coral. Because the P3 is such a lightweight champ it can be easily screwed or taped to a wooden light hood.


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