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    Performance:   The Blue Moon Aquatics P100 LED Pendant is the most advanced marine aquarium luminaire to be offered for sale in North America. Designed in Germany specifically for the marine reef aquarist the BMA P100 Pendant has the performance to penetrate
down to a depth of 42 inches and still offering PAR values over 100.Available in both a 15K and 460nm version the P100 will meet the expectations of all serious hobbyists.
In building the P100 engineers wanted to reduce weight to enhance performance which is why acrylic and aluminum along with a space age design were used to offer the first lighweight high performance lighting system.  Enhancing the overall performance is a 60 degree adjustable fish eye lens specifically tuned for maximum light focus and spread.
With so much available light, high performance cooling fans were designed to eliminate any over heating of the P100 and a temperature guage was added to safely monitor temperature levels maximizing the lighting performance in your aquarium. The BMA P100 LED Pendant was designed with a 360 degree acrylic venting allowing the unit to always run cool and efficient.
The BMA P100 uses 8 header pipes feeding the power to the 100 watt Multi-Chip LED from our aluminum power source all connected with industrial cables to show off the quality materials and meticulous workmanship which goes into every BMA pendant.
Every BMA Pendant is offered with a 2-year industry leading warranty.
  • 100 watt multi-chip LED
  • 15,000K or 460nm
  • Temperature Guage
  • 60 degree adjustable lens
  • Heavy Duty Connecting Cables
  • Industrial Cooling Fans
  • PAR levels to 42"
  • 2 year warranty
  • Contemporary engineering
  • German designed
  • Heavy Duty Acrylic Construction
  • LED fan lights
  • 8 Chrome Headers
  • Mounting Cables
  • 360 degree surround cooling system
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